My name is Monika. I have been practicing yoga continuosly since 2016 and started giving yoga classes in 2018.

Yoga appeared in my life when I needed it the most and stayed with me until this day. For me it's an amazing healing tool, both for my body and mind. It started with the physical practice which was supposed to improve my flexibility and strength but then it transformed my whole existence, and changed my approach and perspective on many things.

I construct creative classes, add new positions and modifications to challenge my students and give them opportunity to explore their bodies which offers original approach and unique style of classes. By providing an individual approach and adjusting the level of the training to the needs and skills of the students everyone can get the best out of it. I focus on details so the students can be sure that the classes are safe and help to increase well-being and health. Breathing techniques are important to me as well - they not only help with the physical practice but also teach awareness and mindful living.

I am a certified Yoga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga instructor. I obtained a certificate of a 200-hour Yoga Vinyasa teaching training and a 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training accredited by Yoga Alliance. I also completed Yoga Vinyasa teacher training according to Basia Łukaszczyk's original program and participated in yoga workshops. I still develop skills and attend workshops, teacher trainings and classes provided by other teachers to expand my personal and teaching skills so the content of my classes develop as well.