Meditation is a practice with the use of various techniques in which we train our mind to stay emotionally calm, gain mental clarity and perspective on events. By meditating we learn how to notice and observe feelings and thoughts without judgement. Meditation allows us to be present, learn how to be in control of reactions to emotions and thoughts, and reduces stress levels, while relaxing the mind.


Moon Yoga is a slower-pace, restorative practice which gently stretches the body. We usually begin practice with moon salutation, the soothing sequence of yoga postures, which prepares body for the later practice. This pracice which connects more dynamic Yang asanas which sreatch the mascles with slow-pace Yin poses which stretch fascia.  In this practice I put a lot of emphasis on breath and relaxing the mind and the body. 


Yin yoga is a slower pace yoga in which asanas are held for several minutes. It penetrates deeply the connective tissues - ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of the body - increasing flexibility. Yin Yoga revitalizes the energy centers in body, releases blockages and increases the energy flow. This practice focuses on static movement, passivity, and breathing which creates contempative state. 



Asthanga is an intense, dynamic flow which connects movements of the body with breath. The practice is based on set of asanas repeated in the same order. Asthanga is a good choice for students who look for a dynamic and rigorous yoga practice. It helps to build up a strength in the body, increase fexibility and focus on breath connected with the movement (vinyasa), drishti (gaze points) which facilitates to focus on the present moment and give mind a break from the race of thoughts.


Vinyasa is a dynamic practice in which movement guides the breath. In Vinyasa we move from one posture directly into the next one, seamlessly. We mainly focus on standing and sitting asanas connected by transitions which coordinates with the breath. In more advanced practice I add more invesions as well. Vinyasa warms up, strengthens stretches the body, and helps to develop balance and stability. Concentrating on the breath allows to rest and relax, at the same time improving the energy levels.